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Dwayne Murray, Sr., born in Harlem, grew up in the Bronx. He graduated from Manhattan Vocational High School and attended one year of college at Florida State University. He is now an ďAĒ Journeyman with Local 3 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and lives in Bronx, New York.

His debut novel is The Mouse That Roared.

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Urban Reviews: Tell us a little about The Mouse That Roared.
Dwayne Murray, Sr: The Mouse That Roared was originally a screenplay that I created one year ago that I shopped in Hollywood, California at a screenplay convention. When after a month of phone calls with movie executives but nothing coming in the form of a negotiating sit down I decided that this story was too compelling to let fall by the waist side. That is when I felt it was a great opportunity to turn it into a novel. With the positive feedback so far from readers I am so glad that I did. As a whole The Mouse That Roared is about decisions and friendships and the repercussions of them both. The main character Sandra Lyte is who this story revolves around as the reader follows her life from Virginia to New York and all the trails and tribulations she will face throughout the story.

Urban Reviews: Where did you come up with the idea for this novel?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: To be totally honest the story basically was derived from my imagination. What I did ask myself once I came up with the story though was how far I could push this somewhat naÔve young woman to the brink of her breaking point until she would decide either to fight or curl up in a corner and crumble.

Urban Reviews: Why did you decide to self publish your novel under your own publishing company MADBO Enterprises?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: In a nutshell many of the major publishing companies play things close to the vest and like to have creative control. Now understand I can see why when they are putting up the majority of the financing. With my writing I play nothing close to the vest or conservative, so I understood that if I wanted full control of my work I would have to go the self publishing route creating MADBO publishing. This gave me the piece of mind knowing that that buck started and stopped with me when it came to The Mouse That Roared.

Urban Reviews: What is the biggest thing that you've learned so far about the publishing industry?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: Itís a game of hustle and grinding period. You have to create your own buzz and get out to the streets letting everyone know about your book and yourself. The industry is flooded with many authors who have the same agenda as me so it is very important to set myself apart from everyone else in all facets of the publishing game. Also when you self publish you must become your own publicist making the reading culture aware that you are on the block.

Urban Reviews: In The Mouse That Roared, you really tapped into the female psyche of the main character Sandra Lyte's strength and determination. Was this difficult to do?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: Absolutely not. Being raised by my grandmother and mother I experienced first hand the true determination of the woman doing things on her own and doing whatever it takes to survive. Watching my wife of 19 years help me raise two sons while obtaining a masters degree just sealed the deal on what the woman could do and how much hidden strength she has.

Urban Reviews: Readers of this book will find that The Mouse That Roared is a very appropriate title for this story. How did you come up with it?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: I really donít care what you want to use as an example, a stray dog, a cornered mouse or the 90 pound book worm in the back of the classroom. When someone or something is pushed into a corner and have no place to go believe me they will come out fighting. Even if it means they have to die, they will fight. That is what I put Sandra in, a corner and asked her to put her fears aside to fight.

Urban Reviews: How do you balance your budding career as an author with the rigors of everyday life (i.e. day job, family)?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: Focus, Focus and more Focus. Being an electrician for the past 14 years I have learned to give total concentration when on the job because of the danger of what I do. I love to write and create so coming home from work and jumping right on my computer is not a chore for me itís sought of therapeutic. The only thing I say to myself when I write is never, ever cheat my reader. Give the best effort and leave no stone unturned. Give them the best story possible because thatís what itís about. So in a nutshell itís not hard balancing between the two because I love them both.

Urban Reviews: Are you working on any future projects?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: As I answer the questions to this interview I am working on my next novel that I hope to have ready by July. I canít give too much away but I will tell you this novel will be strictly 100% action and adrenaline revolving around two African- American female homicide detectives. These women will also have personal issues but what they wonít lack is guts and toughness from the very first page.

Urban Reviews: Any closing thoughts about yourself or your novel?
Dwayne Murray, Sr: I will just say this; I can do nothing by myself. From God to the graphic designer to the people I meet on the streets that spent their hard earned money to purchase The Mouse That Roared, Thank you so much for all of the support and the positive feedback that you have given me. Also to my readers thank you also for taking time from your busy lives to read and hopefully enjoy my work. Without the readers no author including myself would have any success because it is you who spread the word about our work. Finally to you, Urban Reviews. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach your reading base and the chance to reach out to you.

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