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with Heather Hunter

Heather Hunter

Heather Hunter, the world famous adult film star, has always been a permanent fixture in hip hop culture. From her many appearances in rap videos with multi-platinum artists and iconic MCs to the rhyme references from today's biggest artists and her guest appearances on remixes, Heather Hunter (AKA Double H) is ready to start another phase of her a rap superstar and author.

Already a legend as one of the most famous and established entertainers around, she has always listened to rap and loved hip hop music. Her recent album, Heather Hunter: The Unexpected, brags the production wizardry of DJ Premier and Scott Storch.

Now a living pop culture staple, Heather has returned to her written roots with her debut novel, Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star, inspired by her own emergence and stunning rise in adult film. 

A new book and hit album alone don't even come close to representing all Heather Hunter has to offer. The soon-to-be crowned queen of media has released her signature exotic paintings “The Hunter Collection”, sponsored by Artcore NYC.

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Urban Reviews:  Start by telling our readers about Insatiable.
Heather Hunter:  Insatiable is a story about a girl name Simone Young who searches for love in all the wrong places and ends up becoming a pawn to people's desires. Through out her struggle in life to become a star, she winds up becoming one of the top x-rated adult stars in the world!

Urban Reviews:  What made you decide to pen a novel instead of a tell-all autobiography?
Heather Hunter:  It took me over 10 years to finish my book. It was important to me to respect the privacy of my past. I wanted to be able to tell my story without putting people on blast. 

Urban Reviews:  Insatiable is inspired by your own emergence into the adult film industry. How much of this novel is based on true events?
Heather Hunter:  I can say the novel is fifty percent accurate. I was able to go wild with my imagination when I came down to the erotic scenes in the novel. But the true events dealing with the struggle to reach the top are real!

Urban Reviews:  What led you to your current book deal?
Heather Hunter:  I have an amazing book agent named Manie Barron who found a great home for my novel at St Martin's Press.

Urban Reviews:  Will you be doing more novels in the future?
Heather Hunter:  I am working on my next novel now, and there are more to come in the future!

Urban Reviews:  What has the general response been to your book?
Heather Hunter:  The response is great. I have met so many people who are inspired and who are proud of me! It’s good to hear that people really enjoy the book.

Urban Reviews:  What have you learned about the book industry so far? Is it all that you expected it to be?
Heather Hunter:  I love the book world…I just feel so blessed to be embraced in a kind way! And I have met other writers that have inspired me as well! There is so much more to learn knowledge is power!

Urban Reviews:  Are there any upcoming projects we can look forward to starring Heather Hunter?
Heather Hunter:  I have a small role in the upcoming movie American Gangster directed by Ridley Scott and starring Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, T.I., and Common. I have my clothing line and a new hip-hop single coming out in September that is produced by Kwame. In 2008, I have two film projects that I am producing! And the rest I can’t share, but you will be surprised!

Urban Reviews:  Name one thing that the world does not know about Heather Hunter-the person?
Heather Hunter:  I’m a cry- baby at times, tears drop whether I’m happy or sad!

Urban Reviews:  Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Heather Hunter:  It’s important to know…to live a happy and healthy life, practice safe sex!

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